Precious Mathuthu

Position: dancer,actress,singer
Stage Name: Skippy
Location: Bulawayo
Place of Birth: Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2013

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Before I joined IYASA I worked with a group called Harsh touch.I had interest in the arts since I was at school doing mt grade 5.I am 9th born in my family.


I want to be a successful artist,to have my own band and group in the future and to travel around the world doing what I do best!


Since I joined IYASA i have more purpose in life.I feel confident and I have no stage fright ,something that always haunted me.

Inspiring words from Precious

I am proud of myself and who I am.I do not care what anybody else says, especially those that seek to bring me down.

Inspired by

My mum

Precious gives credit to

The whole Iyasa family for welcoming me.