Nyasha Dziruni

Position: singer, dancer and actress,artistes welfare manager
Stage Name: Ngciwe, Shamie or Dzipdzirie
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Place of Birth: Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2007

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I used to sing a lot at school and marveled at my aunt Sonea who was a part of Iyasa and prayed and hoped that one day I could be like her.After school I made the decision to come down to Bulawayo and be part of my childhood dream group.When I started I was very shy and reserved and I did not believe one day I would be able to stand in front of people and perform.


I want to be a star! I want to break world records and to be a diva a and legend in the arts.I see no limits to goals and dreams in the arts.I will just keep working very hard.


When I look back I think I have achieved so much.I rose from that shy girl who was just an average singer and dancer at the back row to a front liner who is part of IYASA's many projects locally and internationally.Playing the lead role in IYASA's musical video YINI NDABA has been an honour and a feather in my cap.I am proud.

Inspiring words from Nyasha

Never give up on your dreams,work hard until you get there.

Inspired by

I was inspired by my aunt Sonia Mbaya

Nyasha gives credit to

I give credit to my role model, Nomathamsanqa Mkwananzi