Innocent Nkululeko Dube

Position: Founder-Director
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Place of Birth: Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2001

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Mr Dube was born in Plumtree close to the Ramokwebana River and was brought up by his grandparents. His love for the arts was evident in his childhood days as him and his friends would make dolls out of wire and sticks and make them dance while they sang and entertained their crowds all over the village. Sometimes their performances were so good that the crowds felt compelled to throw a few coins to them.Mr Dube did his primary education at Senga Primary School in Gweru and later transfered to Matshayiskhova Primary in Bulawayo. Mr Dube proceeded to do his O level and A level education at Mzingwane High School where he initiated students to form a Drama club and he continued to cultivate his love for the arts.As soon as he was through with his A level education in 1994, Mr Dube went to South Africa and attended The School of Committed Artist which was under the famous writer Mbongeni Ngema. In 1996 he went to Hillside Teachers College where he trained to be a teacher while he was also studying for a degree in Media Studies. Mr Dube continued his pursuit for arts and formed a drama group at the teachers college. As part of his teacher training Mr Dube was deployed to Mpopoma High School where he found that all the students and teachers focused mainly on sports with little attention given to the arts. Mr Dube once again formed a drama club, The Mpopoma Drama Club, which started off with only 8 members. Mr Dube wanted to leave a mark and began to work on big performances. At one point he used Mbongeni Ngemas song Woza Mofohloza in one of his productions and this got him the national recognition he needed. So good was his production that his drama group was requested to take part in the very first galas. Currently Mr Dube lives in the Gwabalanda suburb with his wife Noma, an IYASA performer and his son Mbongeni who he named after his role model Mbongeni Ngema. Mr Dube whose policy is simply innocent, is a follower of football and he is a fan of Manchester United, Sundowns and Highlanders.


IYASA has very big dreams and hopes to go further than it has already gone. IYASA hopes to create an establishment and some kind of security to ensure that the future of the performers is bright. IYASA wants to hold performances during the 2010 world cup and also during the 2008 Euro Cup.


With help of Mr Dubes contacts, IYASA has managed to perform in countries like Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy. IYASA has also received offers in the United Kingdom but Mr Dube feels it is not the right time to go there. He says that the United Kingdom market is just too congested and he should give other artists their space to work.

Inspiring words from Innocent Nkululeko

After giving this interesting update Mr Dube gave his word of inspiration to other aspiring artists out there. You are the only end and beginning to what you want to be in life. Remain humble and keep aspiring. Dreaming is not enough, it is what you do when you wake up that matters most, said the ever smiling artist director of IYASA.

Inspired by

Mbongeni Ngema

Innocent Nkululeko gives credit to

Mbongeni Ngema