DSCHUNGEL WIEN (Austria) & IYASA (Zimbabwe)
Music theatre / 45 minutes / for children aged 2 years and up

How sweet our dreams are when the sun goes to sleep! The day was full of adventures and our eyes grow tired. The sun blinks at us, as if it was saying: “Sleep well, my little One, we’ll meet again tomorrow, after the moon has guarded you. And then we hear our parents’ voices, those familiar words, lulling us to sleep. We listen to the soft bedtime stories and soothing sounds, who tell us “Good night, my darling”. And we softly slumber to … But suddenly … what’s that sound touching our ears and surrounding us lightly? Our eyes start shining again and a little smile appears upon our lips. The room is filled with music and we hear all these beautiful lullabies. All the creatures of the night, the man in the moon, the many sheep that we can’t count, the stars that light up our dreams and the fantastic fairy creatures enchant the night. Yes, we want to enjoy the day again, letting the moon wait a little longer, because these are the most wonderful moments of the day. Finally, when the songs have carried us to sleep, when the first dreams start living in our room, we will say „Sleep well, dear moon! “ Lullabies from Africa are at the origin of this story that will lead the audience through the world and show them that the moon is still watching us after the sun has said good night. The artists’ voices take us away to the wide world of dreaming…

Concept, direction: Stephan Rabl/Musical direction: Innocent Dube/Light: Stefan Enderle/Costume: Segolene de Witt/Direction assistant: Laura-Lee Röckendorfer/Guest student (direction): Barbara Bogdany/Actors: Thembinkosi Dube, Roben Mlauzi, Bekithemba Phiri, Buhlebenkosi Sibanda, Sibonisiwe Sithole, Cheryl Mabaya, Nyasha Dziruni, Lameck Keswa

Performance rights: DSCHUNGEL WIEN
Premiere Apr. 9th 2012 at DSCHUNGEL WIEN (Austria)
The songs from the play (track 1 to 9), supplemented with children’s games and other songs from
Zimbabwe have been published on the CD “Lullabies. Schlaf gut, süsser Mond”.

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